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Quickly convert multiple XLSX to XLS files

Looking for converting XLSX to XLS? Batch xlsx to xls Converter can take the role. Convert xlsx to xls or xls to xlsx format  is in need as Microsoft Excel 2003 documents are XLS while the 2007 edition works with XLSX format. Even if both formats belong to the Microsoft Excel you may have some trouble opening  XLSX file with the Microsoft Excel 2003.

Under certain circumstance, you need to convert multiple Excel files from xlsx format to xls format. Normally in Excel, you can use the Save As function to save the Excel format as other formats as you want. But if you have hundreds of Excel files need to be converted, this way will be tedious and time-consuming. By using the Batch xlsx to xls Converter, you can reduce the rigorous hustle of converting a file.

Batch xlsx to xls Converter can quickly do the following options:

Convert multiple XLSX files to XLS files in Excel

Convert multiple XLS files to XLSX files in Excel

Download Batch XLSX to XLS converter

If you just only need to view or print an existing spreadsheet you can use the Excel Viewer.

Conversion options & performance

Batch xlsx to xls Converter has an easy to use interface, with all the menus out in the open. With just a few clicks, you are able to select the files or folder you want to convert.

Batch XLSX to XLS

Furthermore, this software offers the possibility to pause the conversion process at any moment you want. Stopping the operation is also among the functions available in the application.

The conversion process is very fast, taking just a few seconds of your time. While converting a number of 10 files, the CPU value peaked at 25 %, and only 4MB of RAM were required.

Bottom line

So, if you need to quickly convert multiple XLSX to XLS files which is small and powerful, you may take advantage of the Batch xlsx to xls Converter to see if this application provides all the features you need.

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